Remodeling Tips for Kitchen Makeover Ideas before and after

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You dreamed what on the picture are! Here are some before and after tips for kitchen makeover ideas. Whether you choose a classic or contemporary chic style, you can still combine comfort and originality to refresh your kitchen decor.

You spend an average of half an hour in the kitchen every day, did you? And for fans of good food, time no longer has control over them. The kitchen becomes a real part of life and feel good is essential. Designed for you, here are some tips for your kitchen makeover.

Kitchen remodeling, before and after

Before redo a kitchen, nothing is like taking a step back. Not so simple when you spend most of his time for sure, but the key is to have a critical eye.

Determine what’s missing in your kitchen to find the best way to develop it depending on your budget. Three times there may be sufficient to bring modernity and functionality: a new touch of paint, a bit fancy with custom accessories, good lighting.

Giving a new color to the kitchen

Before and after the kitchen makeover, a new color can change dramatically; sometimes a brush stroke on your kitchen furniture is enough to create a completely different atmosphere. And for the paint companies offer solutions so that you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

To change the kitchen without actually changing, why do not you would go for original color themes:

* Green and shades (emerald, anise, olive, fluorescent or fir) provide note of freshness to your decor;

* Brown combined with lighter colors give a contemporary style to your kitchen

* With a completely white paint and good lighting, your kitchen becomes very stylish. To win on the surface and hide your space storage, paint black basalt your closets and your work, and your white walls;

* For redecoration before / after a kitchen oak rustic enough, just go for a shade white and red.

Proper lighting for decorating trendier kitchen

To restore a kitchen, the interior designers advise to optimize lighting: Think dim light on a part of your kitchen and density the light on another. By installing a chandelier or globes in the center of the room, and spot or ultra fine strips in dark corners, you get a very stylish lighting animation. This creates areas where the depth gives an impressive look to your room.

For an original kitchen after restoration, I optimize my work plan

To be said: the work plan for a kitchen is the key in an open or semi-open kitchen is the separator element, offering a loft look to your interior. Popular, making a before / after cooking to open presents imperatives door handles furniture, windows, appliances … everything must be carefully planned.

Here Some tips:

  1. Embed or concealed in closets appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, robots, etc …) to give volume to your kitchen
  2. Retouch the credenza (the part that is between the plan work and wall units) to provide more originality. Usually tile, it is possible to cover with metal plates, laminated boards or plan synthetic stone;
  3. Ask a flooring PVC to provide a more modern look to your kitchen.
  4. For the perfect before / after for food at lower cost, you can rely on the advice of a home stage or trust your inspiration.

On second thought, you already know the necessary improvements. Let your imagination and improvise your own or family sessions before / after redecoration. We promise you, the result will be trendier.